What is Kids of Minecraft All About?

As much as kids these days love playing Minecraft, watching Minecraft videos online is becoming just as popular! These videos seem harmless and fun for kids to watch, however, things aren't always as they seem. Some of these videos contain content and language that is not safe for kids. With only a couple of misplaced clicks, kids can be exposed to adult content, adult themes and graphic violence. Many Minecraft YouTubers also create videos for games like Grand Theft Auto (GTA), Five Nights at Freddy's and Call of Duty that are NOT appropriate for kids.

Kids of Minecraft was created by a concerned father of 3 looking for a better way to control the videos that his kids watched online. After talking with many other parents, he quickly discovered that he wasn't alone in his desire to allow his kids to have a safe place to watch Minecraft videos. While Kids of Minecraft doesn't replace the need for involved parenting, it is a place that is designed to provide clean, safe, family-friendly Minecraft videos for kids.

Kids of Minecraft uses complex algorithms and human screening to show only Minecraft videos and to try to make sure that those videos are clean and kid-friendly. In addition, YouTubers are evaluated and hand-chosen to be included on the Kids of Minecraft website. While every effort is made to filter the videos we show on Kids of Minecraft, we cannot completely guarantee that every video will be appropriate for every child. To ensure complete safety online, please monitor your kids' activity while they use the internet.